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Navigation Software For Performance Sailing And Weather Analysis

SailFast™ is a PC-based navigation program with features that greatly enhance your ability to make sailing decisions, whether your goal is to go fast and win races or to cruise off-shore safely.

With SailFast™ you can -

  • View detailed weather and ocean forecasts for any region world-wide. Grib file forecasts are readily available from a number of sources, 5 day forecasts in 3 hour steps is typical.

  • Find the fastest/optimum route based on forecasted wind, current and your boats sailing characteristics.

  • Plan routes to avoid extreme wind or wave conditions.

  • Use NMEA 0183 to interface with GPS and various boat instruments. Use Sailfast as a convenient data repeater at your nav station.

  • View calculated current drift and set (requires boat speed and heading inputs).

  • Compare you actual sailing performance to your boat polars.

  • Use SailFast at home with weather forecasts for planning, then refine your navigation decisions in real-time while your sailing.

  • Save vessel tracks along with weather and performance data. Analyze your prior sailing performance in detail, plus customize the data you'll see.

  • Integrate with OCENS WeatherNet giving you easy access to extensive weather and ocean data. (WeatherNet purchased separately)

The latest version of SailFast™ adds more Grib weather file viewing features and provides new ways to analyze your racing/crusing performance in real-time. SailFast gives you the features you need in a simple to use package, and at a great value.

View the Products  page for more details.

Example optimum route for a Farr40 from Newport to Bermuda. Color gradient represents the Gulf Stream velocity.

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